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Betta Pharma Mission Statement: “Better Medicine, Better Life”. Since our founding in 2003, we have been committed to making a difference in the lives of people through translating advanced science and technologies into innovative medicines that benefit patients in China and beyond. Betta Pharma integrates R&D, manufacture and marketing into a full-capacity pharmaceutical company. The award-winning R&D team consists of ~300 scientists, including more than 30 PhDs of oversea returnees,  and many senior scientists with years of R&D experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies.
Betta Pharma has set up drug discovery sites and clinical research facilities in Beijing and Hangzhou, respectively, capable of advancing innovative drug development from target identification, compound design and screening, IND, clinical study (including multi-center international clinical trials), to NDA/BLA.
Focusing on unmet medical needs, Betta Pharma has created a portfolio of oncology targeted precision medicines. Our pipeline includes 11 clinical candidate drugs and more than 20 molecules in pre-clinical stage, both small molecules and biologics, covering a wide spectrum of anti-cancer mechanisms of targeted therapy and cancer immunotherapy.       
Named a base for Industry Incubator of National Key Scientific Projects, National Model Site of Academic Members, and National Site for Post-doctoral Research, Betta Pharma completed 10 key projects of “National Important New Drug Development”, acquired 181 patents, and published 364 scientific papers. The development of Conmana ? (icotinib HCl), an EGFR inhibitor for the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer, is a milestone of innovative drug development in China, and it has been awarded first-degree National Scientific and Technology Advancement. Betta Pharma emphasizes on establishing in-depth collaborations with scientific and business partners. We look forward to joining hands with our peers, working together to advance the eco-system of innovative new drug development in China.