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Free ectopinibine hydrochloride


The market launch of icotinib hydrochloride has broken the monopoly of imported drugs in the Chinese market. Icotinib has led the market for four consecutive years and benefited nearly 200,000 lung cancer patients so far, meeting patients’ unmet medical needs.
Icotinib hydrochloride was enlisted on the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) in 2017, and it was selected into the National Essential Drug List (EDL) in 2018, and the General Drug Access Catalogue of National Medical Insurance in 2019, increasing its accessibility. Betta continues innovating and benefiting people's livelihood, substantially reduces the costs of lung cancer targeted therapies in China by twice responding to the society's call for price cuts, which makes it available for the majority of the Chinese patients. A patient assistance program was launched by Betta and China Pharmaceutical industry Research and Development Association (Sino-PhIRDA), and nearly 5,000,000 boxes of Conmana – an equivalent of 10 billion yuan market value – has been distributed so far, further reducing the burdens on patients.